WSW – Shopify, eBay & WooCommerce syncing

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WSW - Shopify, eBay & WooCommerce syncing

DEMO: / username: wswprotest password: ^2U#@&b7&&lVxPjo5Zg WooCommerce and Shopify integration is made easy by this plugin. By simply adding the necessary keys, you can start importing products from your shopify site to your WordPress website using WooCommerce with just a click of a button. The process and steps to acquire keys are provided in the documentation. Shopify products can be imported all at once or one at a time individually. Additionally, categories and tags in Shopify can also be imported and they will be converted into WooCommerce categories and tags. Option is available to set the products imported into WooCommerce to Pending, Draft, or publish it directly. Fur

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