WooCommerce Request Quote & Bargaining

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WooCommerce Request Quote & Bargaining

If you are looking for a quote plugin, that is very much tied to your WooCommmerce checkout process? Then you have come to the right place! Instead of sending plain Emails, our Request a Quote & Bargaining plugin creates the enquiries directly in your Woo system. And it not only saves and shows all quotations, in the my account area of a customer, it can also be used to negotiate them in your shop. Last but not least, all quotes can be converted into WooCommerce orders, that can be paid using your standard payment methods.


  • Quote Request can be done during regular Checkout
  • All Enquiries are saved in your WooCommerce Shop
  • Customers can see, accept, decline or negotiate quotes in the my account dashboard
  • Approved quotes can be converted into orders
  • Pay quotes using regular your regular WC payment Methods

WooCommerce Request Quote & Bargaining

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