WooCommerce – Perfex CRM Integration

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WooCommerce - Perfex CRM Integration

WooCommerce – Perfex CRM Integration Demo Video The plugin has the ability to import/capture customers from WooCommerce orders! To automatically add/update WooCommerce orders to your Perfex CRM! Have full control over what is sent, and when it is sent to get all the data you need. Features SYNC with Orders Easily integrate your WooCommerce orders with Perfex CRM Customers, Contacts, Staffs, Leads, Invoices, Tasks, Tickets Integrated WooCommerce orders can automatically add/update your site new order to your Perfex CRM Customer, Contacts, Staffs, Leads, Invoices, Tasks, Tickets. Support Perfex CRM Custom Fields (Phone, Picklist, Multi-Picklist, Date, Email, Text, etc…). Easily map your WooCommerce orders field

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