Wasabi Cloud Storage Add-on For Swipgle

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Wasabi Cloud Storage Add-on For Swipgle

Note: Wasabi cloud storage isn’t an independent storage system. wasabi cloud storage is available only for Swipgle. If you do not purchase Swipgle yet then click here for purchasing Wasabi is S3-compatible cloud object storage, which is intended to be a drop-in replacement for Amazon Web Services’ Simple Storage Service (S3). It can be integrated with AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure solutions, using the same protocol and tools. There are no archival or warm storage tiers; it is all low-latency “hot” storage. Since Wasabi does not charge the same ancillary fees for manipulating data, it’s easier to predict a month-to-month cost. Demo We always providing a demo version in our scripts, you can click on Live Preview abo

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