Streamlify – Web3 SVOD Video Streaming App

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Streamlify - Web3 SVOD Video Streaming App

Introduction Streamlify is a Web3 video streaming app, suitable for movies, videos, reviews and streaming. The app allows users to host their videos on the Blockchain and deal with them using CryptoCurrency. The app holders can gain profits from Streamlify by cutting a precentage of the blockchain transactions running on this app for themseleves. It’s built on the Ethereum Blockchain and supports MetaMask wallet. The app was build within an approach to simplify the end user experience of the Web3 apps. It is running perfectly on all viewports, the end user will not suffer from the usual hassles of the Web3 apps. As a user, no need to go into complicated steps to be a part of your app. The New Update First and foremost, our software

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