NFTBOX – NFT Marketplace Script

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NFTBOX - NFT Marketplace Script

NFTBOX is the complete Script using Metamask, Web3 and Polygon Matic network for your Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Marketplace Business. Capable of minting NFTs over the blockchain whilst allowing consumers to Buy, Sell and Transfer their NFTs on the marketplace freely with indisputable proof of ownership and authenticity achieved using ERC-721 standard smart contracts. Additionally, NFTBOX also incorporates all the necessary features needed for a present-day NFT marketplace such as a bidding system, and NFT collections as well as granting creators the option to sell and trade their digital works in various forms such as images, GIFs, video, and audio. How to install NFTBOX at your Cpanel >>> How to setup and use the NFTBOX | NFT Bu

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