HulkGram Marketing Pro 2.2

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HulkGram Marketing Pro 2.2

HulkGram | IT is not Just a Telegram Markekting Tool.. It is A Hulk Software The #1 and Only Telegram Markekting Tool in the world wish allows you to: Store all your telegram Accounts and Automatically switch between Accounts. Send Bulk Scheduled Messages ( Forget the Ban Issues ) More than 14 Advanced Options could be a spearate 14 Tool, We collected them all in one Integrated software for you. it’s worth (1300$ US). ✅ Multi Sessions Store     ✅ Contacts Filter and validator ✅ My Groups Scraper       ✅ My Channels Scraper  ✅ Group Members Extractor in 2 Moods  ✅ Bulk Messages Sender  ✅ Auto groups Joiner  ✅ Auto Groups Finder       ✅ Bulk Messages (Schedular)   Check the Ultimate HULK FEATURES: You will never find All the following feat

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