Holla Browser – Desktop Application

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Holla Browser - Desktop Application

With Holla, macOS, Windows and Linux you can create your own browser application in minutes.

Desktop application created with Holla Electron;

Build cross-platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

  1. Build using Electron framework
  2. Easy to customize and edit
  3. Cutom menu options
  4. Support for MacOS, Windows, Linux
  5. Easy to build an application for your preferred OS
  6. More features will be adding soon


The project can be edited easily. Design, Pages, Menu, Icon, Codes. All of the code is open source. More editing documents and narration videos will be added soon.

  1. Low CPU and memory usage
  2. Quick Setup
  3. Multi language system
  4. Light dark multiple theme options
  5. Multiple pages, settings, new tab, menu, downloads, saved, history …
  6. Automatic update of the application via github
Holla: How does it compare to other browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome?

Both Firefox and Brave are great, and each day Holla is getting closer to their privacy situation. Holla is in good condition to be used daily. It offers a great experience to test the limits of the web and help make the internet a safer place.

Why is Electron Infrastructure Used?

Some people are often skeptical about Electron due to its high memory usage, but Electron makes the development process incredibly simple and offers very low CPU and memory usage. Electron allows us to build a desktop application using web technologies.

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Holla Browser - Desktop Application

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