GoEvent – Create Your Own Events (SAAS)

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GoEvent - Create Your Own Events (SAAS)

GoEvent – Create Your Own Events (SAAS) Make Your Event More Professional Manage your event and event attendees professionally and simply without the need for an expert. Just 5 minutes to bring your event to everyone and manage their interactions.

GoEvent - Create Your Own Events (SAAS)


  • Management Events.
  • Management Guests(Attendees).
  • Personalize your event
  • QR-Code Checkin
  • Response Email…
  • Custom-domain for landing page event
  • Personalize your event. With multi theme color and font-family
  • Multi theme Landing page event
  • Get attendees real time
  • Easy builder template with Admin build template feature .
  • Templates
  • Management Billings.
  • Saas with PayPal, Stripe
  • Saas with Packages, Package free
  • Account setting
  • Google captcha
  • Login with facebook google
  • Google analytics
  • Admin: General settings
  • Admin: Management Localization
  • Admin: Management E-mail Settings
  • Admin: Management Social Integrations
  • Admin: Management Pages Website
  • Admin: Management Users
  • Admin: Management Modules Manager
  • And many more…

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