Fluky – Random Video Chat

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Fluky - Random Video Chat

Fluky – Random Video Chat (SaaS)

Fluky is a random video chat application in pure WebRTC which has its own signaling server built with NodeJS and Socket.io. So no third party services or APIs are needed, so you can use the system to host your own random video chat app! It comes with a powerful admin panel written in Laravel.

Fluky picks someone else at random and let users talk one-on-one. Users can choose between text and vido chat and filter the other users with gender and country.

Automatic Installation & Updates

Worried about installing Fluky on your server? Now, get a bash script with the software, which will install and configure all the dependencies required to run Fluky, followed by a step-by-step installation wizard! It will take care of everything in a few minutes in a clean Ubuntu 18.04 or CentOS 7 VPS.

Enjoy one-click hassle-free updates from the Admin panel!

How Does it Work?

Just click the Text or Video button from your web browser, the system will automatically find a random partner. Continue chat or click the next button to search for a new partner. Apply gender or country filter if you want to talk to a specific group of people. Enjoy video and text chatting!

Try the demo now!
Checkout the documentation!

Fluky - Random Video Chat

Important – Extended License is required if:
  • You plan to charge your users by enabling the payment mode (SaaS version) or by any ways.
  • You plan to make app to your client.
  • You plan to sell this script.
  • You plan to sell your own version of this app as a PAID app on the Play Store or App Store.

App Features

Text or Video Chat

Fluky helps you to connect with new friends through text or video chat. Now you are never alone.

Gender Filter

Apply this filter and choose whom you want to talk to!

Country Filter

Filter out users from a specific country.

Report Users

Report annoying users in just a single click and let the admin decide what to do with them!


Easily add new languages for all your users (with RTL support).

Fake Video

This feature will help to engage the users when there are fewer ones to connect. This can be used for advertising purposes also.

Fake Online Count Prefix

Make an impression of the high online users with the fake online count prefix feature.

Google Analytics

Just add the Google Tracking ID from the admin panel and the app will dynamically add the analytics to your web pages. Track your information from Google’s portal.

Ban Users’s IP

Admin can watch screenshot of the reported users and can ban or ignore them.

Feature Management

Make a feature active/inactive or make them free/paid in a single click.

Subscription Plans

Now you can charge your users to use extra featues of the application.

In-Built Chat

Want to type or convey something instead of saying something face-to-face? – Use our real-time chat feature on the go.

Pure WebRTC

Fluky is developed using Pure WebRTC so you don’t need to worry about the calling and connectivity issues of any kind.

Dark Mode

Switch between light and dark theme with just a click of a button.

Authentication Mode

Choose whether you want to implement the authentication module or not.

Powerful Admin Panel

Now manage your application settings, view status of the signaling server and do many more with all new admin panel.

Clean Source Code

We have developed this using clean and concise programming for keeping it easier to understand and customize for other developers and for taking this legacy ahead.

Modern Design

Rich and elegent UI makes the application look attractive, thanks to Bootstrap.

Amazing Tech

  • WebRTC
  • Laravel
  • NodeJS
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • Socket.io

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