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Fancy Product Designer - WooCommerce WordPress

The #1 Product Designer Plugin for WooCommerce. Fully integrated in the Shopping Cart system of WooCommerce. Supporting all product types: Simple, Variable, Downloadable.

Fancy Product Designer - WooCommerce WordPress Fancy Product Designer - WooCommerce WordPress


  • SE WITH ANY WOOCOMMERCE PRODUCT TYPE. All WooCommerce product types are supported: Simple, Variable and Downloadable. Enable the Product Designer for every WooCommerce product separately or for all.
  • WOOCOMMERCE CART INTEGRATION. The plugin is seamless integrated with the Shopping-Cart of WooCommerce. Easily re-edit the product from Cart. Show relevant element properties in cart and order E-mail.
  • DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCTS. When you mark a WooCommerce product as Downloable, your customer is able to download the product as soon as you have received the payment.
  • VARIABLE PRODUCT DESIGNS. Load a different customizable product into the designer by the selected WooCommerce variation.
  • DIFFERENT DISPLAY POSITIONS. Choose where you want to display the Product Designer in the product page. Replace the product image, open in a modal, show after product title and many more.
  • PRICE CALCULATION. The product designer calculates the price based on the WooCommerce product price and all other pricing rules of Fancy Product Designer. You can even disable Pricing and display a „Get a quote“ button.
  • CROSS-SELLS. Whenever a customer adds a product to the cart, the linked Cross-Sells products will be displayed and the customer can view his custom design on another product.
  • CUSTOMIZED PRODUCT IN ORDER DETAILS. You can easily view and export the customized product in the WooCommerce Order Details. Export to PDF, SVG, JPG or PNG.
  • OPTIMIZED E-MAIL. The customer can review his customized product easily by clicking a link to his ordered product. You can even attach a print-ready file as soon as the order is completed with our Export add-on.

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