Cryptomask – Ethereum based Crypto wallet

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Cryptomask - Ethereum based Crypto wallet

Cryptomask Ethereum ERC20-based cryptocurrency wallet Ethereum ERC20-based crypto wallet. Users can send, receive and swap ETH or any ERC20-based tokens. It is developed with Flutter 2.10 (Null-safety) to support Android, IOS and Web. Infura node is used for blockchain interaction and Etherscan is used for user activities. Easy to set up all you need is just Infura and Etherscan API key and You’re good to go. Features Create a wallet using 12 words Secret Recovery Key (BIP-39 Standard) Create multiple accounts based on a secret recovery key. User can able to Switch networks (Testnet included). Import wallet using Secret Recovery Key. Export wallet using Private key. Show balance of ETH and ERC20 tokens in native currency. Cha

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