Color Hoop Stack (HTML5 Game + Construct 3)

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Color Hoop Stack (HTML5 Game + Construct 3)

Description Color Hoop Stack Color Hoop Stack is a classic addictive sort puzzle game. Solve the puzzle by sorting colorful hoops. drag with your finger to kick the ball. Color Hoop Stack is a challenging yet relaxing and totally free sort puzzle game to exercise your brain!. Play on the Web, Mobile. Ready for export to mobile, web, or Desktop. Supports multiple screen sizes This game is build in Construct 3 Game Engine Features HTML 5 and Mobile version Size 720×1280 Admob Ads Supported Playable in all platforms (Web,Mobile, PC, etc.) Including Constuct 3 file (cp3) Easy export to Android & iOS FOR WEB: Web folder ready to use on you

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