Awesome YouTube Bot – First Humanized YouTube Bot

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Awesome YouTube Bot - First Humanized YouTube Bot
What exactly is Awesome Youtube Robot?

This is the latest tech on the traffic sending market, which can shed some serious light on your Youtube videos and channels. It can send thousands of Human IPs to your videos and boost the likes and comments, and views most tactfully, using random activities at all times, making it impossible for youtube to identify as a bot.

A fantastic tool for Boosting youtube views, likes, and comments, If you feel lost in the youtube world due to the lack of growth of your stats, worry no more; we are here to bring the spotlight to you. It can also be appointed to watch the ads and has the ability to push the skip ad button if need be. What’s even more remarkable is that it’ll do random activities just so that youtube wouldn’t spot it as a bot.

You may ask yourself, “What’s the procedure here?”

The core of the app uses different user agents and stimulates separate devices. You can give it emails to import to lower the drop rates of the views and use various methods to remain undetected.

Then you may ask, “How do you get different IPs?”

It happens through three different methods: First, by importing proxy into the app (the app can also scrape different free proxies from the internet). In addition to the first general way of getting IPs, our team has developed two very unique ways of doing this job : The second is generating IP by using your phone network service. Third, generate IP through the ADSL modem automatically without the need for proxy or resetting the modem!

unique IP changing methods have been explained in detail down below : AYB has 3 different and unique methods for IP generating, The first one is BRIDGE MODE. For using this method, you must connect to the internet by LAN cable and a broadband connection. Your modem should be in the bridge mode/PPPOE for using this robot as well. ( you can change the mode of your modem – if it supports it.) – Orange routers are Unsupported

The second method is 3G/4G/5G PHONE’s INTERNET. For using this method, you will need an android phone with a sim-card internet! That’s it! The bot will use your phone’s internet to change your computer’s IP! The bot has a smart built-in tool to help you through configuring the mobile to use with your computer.

The third method is using Fritzbox routers (usually this modem gets used in Europe/Germany). We specially developed a new way for Fritzbox routers and that feature is available since 2021/02/13. if you have a fritzbox router, today is your lucky day! You don’t need to put your fritzbox on PPPoE mode, etc. You can also use the frtizbox without connecting through a LAN cable.

Awesome YouTube Bot - First Humanized YouTube Bot

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